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Amanda Bonds, Artisan Chocolatier, & Mom-Trepreneur

Amanda's love affair for food began long before she created Cocoa Sisters Chocolate. Growing up as a Latina in Texas she had the opportunity to experience many different food cultures. 

She started her journey by attending Collin College Pastry Arts Program in Dallas. During her studies to become a Cake Decorator her career path changed and her respect for chocolate grew. 
She graduated in 2014 with her Pastry Arts and Business Arts Degree and continued to study chocolate by attending the Ecole Chocolate School of Chocolate Arts and Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy. 

After years of studying and working in the pastry industry Amanda made her dreams a reality. 

Cocoa Sisters Chocolate

Cocoa Sisters Chocolate was created in 2017 with a mission to share deliciously engaging chocolates and pastries. She continues her education daily and is always excited to share her love for chocolate with the world.

Cocoa Sisters received it's name in thought of family and unity. The support of family and friends; both men and women coming together to make a dream possible. 

Everything is done by hand: painting, filling, sealing and packaging. We strive to use the best high quality chocolate you can find in the world. We produce in small batches regularly to keep flavors fresh and our imaginations fired up.

"Thank you all for supporting my small business,  I wouldn't be Cocoa Sisters without you!" - Amanda 

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